Is The Design Of Your Home Impacting Your Wellbeing?

Is The Design Of Your Home Impacting Your Wellbeing?

Our new research has revealed that four in five consumers believe the design of their home impacts their wellbeing, demonstrating the growing demand for homes designed to promote good health. 

When asked about wellbeing in the home, 83% of female respondents and 73% of males said that feeling comfortable and secure in their home impacted their overall wellbeing. When asked what top three factors contribute to consumers feeling good in their own home respondents identified the amount of natural light (48%), low noise levels (39%) and feeling safe and secure (37%). These were closely followed by access to outdoor space (36%) and the design and layout (35%).

One of the key drivers behind this trend is growing consumer awareness of the impact of the built environment on personal wellbeing. The benefits of homes with high levels of natural light are well established and include positive impacts on factors including improved health, happiness, productivity and better mental wellbeing, with research also suggesting it can help reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

Our Group Head of Marketing, Chris Coxon, had this to say about the findings, “For today’s home occupier, incorporating wellbeing into the design of the home is increasingly important. The trend stems from the public being far better educated about the importance of wellbeing and what can be done to improve it, such as increased exposure to natural light. This awareness is influencing all types of design, leading architects, builders and developers to seek innovative approaches to wellbeing features within home.”

The research is part of Eurocell’s ‘The Future Home Report’, and draws on the views of 1,000 25-40-year olds that either own or rent homes, about design and build considerations for future homes. 

Source: The Future Home Report can be downloaded in full here


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