Fascias and soffits. The beautiful way to weatherproof your home

Fascia, Soffits & Guttering

Fascia, Guttering, Soffits and more! 

 Fascia and guttering are an important part of your building project and, here at Tradesupply, we stock exactly what you'll need. Our range of Fascias & Soffits will help you replace old timber boards and complete your fasciainstallation project with a professional finish.  

Making sure the exterior of your home is fully protected against the elements is just as important as looking after the interior.  Fascias and soffits may not grab the headlines design-wise, and neither may gutters, but they play a crucial role in protecting your home from damage. 

Fascia Boards

Fascia boards may not be the most interesting feature of your house, but they play a really vital role. The fascia is a long board that’s attached at the point where the roof meets the walls. It supports the bottom row of roof tiles and all the guttering, so it needs to be robust, low-maintenance and weather-resistant. UPVC fascia boards are all these things, plus they come in a range of colours and plain or decorative styles so you can match your to the style of your property..

We supply a range of colours to ensure that our roofing accessories match perfectly. There are 8 different colours and finishes to choose from. All our whites are the same, all our woodgrain finishes match perfectly. Better still, we offer up to 20 years’ guarantee against cracking and warping. Our fascia boards are made from 18mm thick high quality UPVC. That means they are strong and weather-proof, the ideal long-term protection for your roof.

  • Low maintenance, product will not crack or warp and require little maintenance.
  • No sanding, painting or treatment needed.
  • Ready to install, clean, hassle-free installation with no dust or mess.


Soffit Boards

Tradesupply Soffit boards offer easy installation and are designed for long-lasting performance. Offered in a choice of colours to suit any home we offer up to a 20 year guarantee against cracking, warping or discolouration. Depending on your needs, you can choose from three types of Tradesupply UPVC Soffit Board: 

• Eurosoffit board (with built-in ventilation slots to ensure constant airflow)
• 9mm utility board (a simple, clean board with an option for separate vents)
• Hollow soffit board ( a lightweight, cost-effective soffit solution with optional vents)

All our roofline systems are supplied by the same manufacturer – Eurocell – which means all colours are exactly matched across the product range. That means our whites are the same white across all products and our woodgrain finishes are all perfectly matched.

Capping Boards

As long as your existing timber fascia is rot-free, a UPVC capping board can be fitted. It’s a cost effective alternative to freshen up your home’s exterior and although your capping board has a very important function – to protect your roof and support your gutters – that doesn’t mean it has to look functional. There are lots of options to help you create an individual look for your home. Our UPVC capping boards come in eight different widths, 8 different colours and two styles: standard plain and a decorative ‘ogee’.

  • Easy to install. Low maintenance option designed to fit easily over existing fascia boards.
  • Eight colours. A range of colour options and finishes to complement your property.
  • Robust design. 9mm thick UPVC board for long-lasting weather protection.

Gutters & Drainage

Damage from damp can cause a lot of problems, both inside and outside your home. Worst of all, once moisture has found its way in, it can be expensive to remedy. Having a reliable, robust guttering system will protect your property from water ingress. Our UPVC water and waste drainage systems do this and more. From our high performance guttering to our channel drainage, all our products have been engineered to offer you long-lasting peace of mind and lots of options to create the right look for your home.

We offer four different types of UPVC water and waste drainage systems for your home. All are available in different colour options and styles, with coordinating accessories for a complete look. 

Rainwater systems – Our gutter systems are manufactured from high-impact, high-gloss UPVC which are quick and easy to install.

Tradesupply offer three different styles of UPVC gutter to choose from: universal, half-round and square-line. We also have up to five colours available, depending on the style of gutter you opt for.

  • Long-lasting reliability - Hard-wearing, maintenance-free components that are made to last.
  • Versatile systems - Interchangeable, fully compatible parts bespoke drainage systems.

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